Full Cycle Working Capital Financing from Lenders Commercial Finance could be the key to unlock most of the cash flow that is tied up in your unfilled orders and accounts receivable.

LCF will fund your firm purchase orders so you can get your product where your customers need it, when they need it.
A line of credit for invoice financing with LCF offers higher advance rates and pricing based on the amount you borrow; all at convenient daily rates.
For working capital financing based on the value of your current assets (accounts receivalbe and inventory) an asset-based line of credit from LCF may offer the flexibility and amount of funding you need.

Rev up your Cash Flow Cycle; the lifeblood of any company that sells business-to-business.


You work your business model to win customers and get good sales orders
2. Inventory: You build out or acquire the inventory you need to fill purchase orders.
3. Receivables: You offer your best customers credit terms after you ship.
4. Cash: 30 to 60 days later you collect from your customers.

You reinvest your cash flow back into your business to generate more sales. The full cycle can run anywhere form 60 to 120 days, or longer.

If you can speed up the time between making a sale and having the funds from it available, you gain significant advantages:

fewer lost sales opportunities
more rapid sales growth
pump new revenue into your business
drive down average production costs
make your bottom line more profitable

Apply today for Full Cycle Working Capital Financing from Lenders Commercial Finanace

A. Fill out your online application.
B. LCF will contact you in one business day.
C. Tell us about your business.
D. Upon approval you can begin enjoying the many advantages immediately.

Fast turnaround
No hidden costs
Flexible programs tailored to your unique needs
No long term commitments
Start when you would like, and stop when the time is right for you

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