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As the owner of a small/emerging business, you know all about the hard work that is required to get a venture off the ground. You've built a customer base of credit worthy buyers who depend on you. Like all businesses, you need access to working capital.

The lack of sufficient operating history or the financial resources to qualify for bank financing in today's tight credit market can have a negative impact on your business. Additional working capital to inject into your business will allow you to take advantage of opportunities to expand. Perhaps you need funds in order to catch up with your vendors or pay off other obligations that are a drag on your business.

You are a candidate for Full Cycle Working Capital Financing from Lenders Commercial Finance. Providing small businesses with the working capital they need to grow is our business.

Small businesses need capital to take advantage of opportunities to grow:

Stay current with key vendors
Purchase new inventory
Buy or build out assets that will make the business more productive
Pay off obligations that are a drag on the business
Invest in people and technology that will accelerate the business
Fuel the Cash Flow Cycle

As an entrepreneur, you accept risk as a part of doing business. Your banker is trained to be risk adverse. This is a disconnect that can cost you business.

Lenders Commercial Finance. Bank on us for the working capital your business needs.

We can provide the working capital you need to invest in the equipment, machinery, components and raw materials that make your products unique. We serve producers in many industries:

Food and kindred products
Textile and apparel
Wood and paper products
Publishing and printing
Chemicals and pharmaceuticals
Rubber and plastics
Glass and concrete
Steel and other metals
Building materials and coatings
Fabricated products
Equipment and machinery
Electronic and technology
Lighting and electrical
Product assembly
Other consumer products
Contract manufacturing & sub-contracting

We help the following distributors move their products:

Furniture and home furnishings
Lumber and construction materials
Medical and hospital supplies
Electrical and electronic parts and components
Electronic instruments and equipment
Groceries and other food products
Raw materials
Hardware and building materials
Household supplies and apparel

We work with a broad range of business service providers:

Contact Services
Advertising and printing
IT and programming services
Guard and security services
Commercial repair services
Entertainment and media
Engineering, testing and research
Personnel and HR services
Staffing and consulting services
Property management and maintenance
Audio and video post production
Woodworking and machine shops

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